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Toolmonitor PLC supports uniform communications with a PLC system using a communications protocol developed in-house. This standardizes the control of different PLC systems so they can be used in the same way in different applications.
To permit communication to take place, a corresponding program must be implemented on the PLC to handle the communications protocol. This is also available from MCD. We support controllers from Siemens, Beckhoff, and Allen Bradley / Rockwell.
The Toolmonitor offers the following functionality:
• 64 inputs and 64 virtual inputs
• 64 outputs and 64 virtual outputs
• Transmission and reading out of data blocks at defined addresses
• Setting and reading of the current state of the PLC 
For communication to be possible with the PLC, it must be connected to the PLC by Ethernet and execute a corresponding program which implements the communications protocol.
To establish a connection, it is first necessary to set the IP address of the PLC and two ports for communication.
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