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The LabVIEW® Sequencer is used to create user-specific test processes and to connect the products of MCD to National Instruments products.
Programming is based on the LabVIEW® programming systems. All MCD tool monitors can be integrated in this programming system. This offers the integration of SQL databases for measurement data storing or the usage as a module for process monitoring.

The LabVIEW® Sequencer provides users with additional features:
• Fail repeats and jumps
• Access rights management for all functions
• Local statistics with variable subsequent fault detection and treatment
• Variant filter, structuring of test processes, summary of type families
• CSV export
• Parallelization of test processes via multiple instances
• Simple and intuitive interface handling for creating test sequences
• Test editor supports the development of random test steps with variable parameters
• Interface is created and pre-configured via LabVIEW® and offers a variety of useful features (language switching, reporting of current measurement values and test results, troubleshooting, debugging, function for cyclical reference component testing with pass/fail evaluation
• Integration of existing LabVIEW® applications and VI's

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