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The BSCAN Toolmonitor is used for simple and user-friendly application of the CASCON™ Galaxy Driver Library of Göpel to conduct and interpret boundary scan tests with appropriate Göpel hardware.
The following functions are provided:
- Selecting and starting BSCAN tests
- Query and display of the test results
- Asynchronous and synchronous test execution
- Parallel test of several samples
- Execution of user-specific test functions
- Access to individual test registers, pins and variables
- Access and display of additional I/O channels
- Personal visualization and reporting
- Access to all driver functions of the CASCON™ Galaxy Library
The control of theToolmonitor is performed using:
-. Net Assembly
- COM / DCOM / ActiveX
- Standard Windows Dll
- LabView VIs
Applicable in all common programming languages, TestMangerCE, LabView, MS Office, and many more..
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