ULC 3U Measurement system with MCD USB interface

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Universal LowCost Measurement System
build in 19"housing 3U
interface connecting board
BUS interface
- 4 x REL MUX 4x16 channel multiplexer 
  controlled via MCD USB 2.0 interface card
  MCD USB highspeed measurement card (with DAkkS calibration)
- 4 x A/D-channel 16bit/max.500kSps buffered and
  single ended
- 1 x A/D-channel differentiell 16bit/max.500kSps
- 1 x A/D-channel single ended 16bit/max.500kSps
- 4 x D/A-channel single ended 16bit, max. 1000kSps,
+/- 10V/5mA
- A/D FIFO 4k
generating of MCD BUS
timer, trigger modes, galvanic ground separation
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