USB hub 3.0, 8-port with 8-fold voltage MUX

This item is not on stock and has to be re-ordered. Weight: 2.5 kg Dimension: 48 x 145 x 350 mm

- 8-port USB hub 3.0 with individual port on/off, software controlled
  (Controlling by ASCII or the Toolmonitor USB hub)
- USB port for command and control as common upstream USB port,
   to connect the hub to PC
- Emulate of a Virtual COM port in Windows
- 100-230VAC power input on rear side including main switch
- USB 5v power supply/regulator, with 2.5A capability per port; automatic switch off at 1.0A
- OFF switch is implemented on Power, data lines (GND is not cut off)
- Power default for all ports ON/ OFF
- Software-readable port status (ON/OFF) 
- 8 voltage outputs with individual on/off, software controlled; 5.0 A max. current
- the USB hub includes a Multiplexing. With the Multiplexing a central supplied voltage (30V / 5.0A max.)
- Input power for these outputs with external power supply input on rear side
- 16 banana plugs used in both outputs on front side;
- 2 connectors used in both input on rear side;
- LED light per output indicating the Power ON/OFF status
- Default status as ON by default

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